Welcome to our New Website

Welcome to our new website. Check out our latest products. We will be adding more over the coming weeks. We offer Free Delivery to Ireland and Northern Ireland.

5 thoughts on “Welcome to our New Website”

  1. Welcome to our new website. We have lots of new products in for the coming seasons, for inside and outside uses. A handy product are the new Infra Red Mirrors, yes they are actually mirrors, with infra red heating, and the mirror will not steam up either. Like and follow us on Facebook, as we will be having competitions throughout the year with free giveaway products.

  2. As we are often asked for units with built in WiFi, we are now stocking WiFi infra red mirrors. So now you can operate them from an App or remote control for the coming Winter of 23/24

  3. Infra Red Heaters are simple to install, and need no technical knowledge.

    The only products that require an Electrician to install are the Ceiling Panels and the Mirror Heater if placed inside a bathroom area.

    We can recommend a qualified Electrician to install for you if this is required, and he will give you a direct price for installation.

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