SWRE 1000 Infra Red Panel with Thermostat

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Model No: SWRE 1000 The SUNWAY SWRE1000 heater consists of a thin, flat shaped, resistant metal housing and is connected with a built-in cord to the nearest electrical outlet.

With the integrated, digital thermostat you can adjust the heater according to your individual needs. The basic heating power is 1000W.


The heater panel has a convenient, digital thermostat, so this allows the setting of the heater to achieve maximum energy efficiency, and to achieve individually comfortable warmth.

Also, a parental control system is integrated in this device.

With this you can completely lock the heater, to prevent an unwanted and improper change to the settings.

So Heat control is performed with the help of two temperature sensors. One sensor monitors the room air temperature; a second one monitors the surface temperature of the infrared heater. To minimize power consumption, you adjust the temperature for each room.

The intelligent control eliminates overheating due to over voltage, and covering or tilting of the heater.

There is also a possible function of this thermostat, which limits the surface temperature of the heater in a child’s bedroom.

The desired room temperature is set by the user manually because The thermostat keeps automatically desired room temperature.

It will reduce the power of heating to 50% by low heat loss in a room.

The heater functions are completely noiseless and without radio interference.

The thermostat controls the protection circuit of the unit, when you turn it on, as well as during the operation.

If the grounding is interrupted, the control emits a warning in the display and a beep.

The heater then goes over to the normal operating mode. The lock can be turned on and off through the menu.

The characteristics of this product stand for a long service life, efficiency, high safety and efficiency.

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1000W 1200 x 570 x 1,5 14Kg 20m2 IP33 220-240V
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