2 in 1 Infra Red Heater

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2 in 1 convection infra red heater. 2 models 700 watt and 1000 watt

  1.  Convection .
  2. Inside the panel, past the heating element (nichrome thread), there is a ceramic plate that heats up to 120 degrees Celsius and delivers warm air flows up through special openings.
  3. Infrared radiation .
  4. Inside is a long-wave emitter, the waves of which propagate through your room and heat up all surfaces.
  5. Ceramic plate inside the appliance .
  6. The emitter and all the parts connected with it are hidden behind a ceramic plate.
  7.  The heater does not come in contact with air, which increases fire safety and the absence of burning dust smell.
  8. Efficiency
  9.  The efficiency of this product is excellent compared to conventional heating.
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SWH-RE700 (700W), SWH-RE1000 (1000W)