Wall heater video

We always believe that a picture saves a thousand words, so here is a short video , to show how Infra Red Heaters work,

Wall Heaters can be hung from a wall using our special brackets, or hung from the ceiling, but the overall savings are quite remarkable in comparison with conventional heaters. With no maintenance , convection, or emissions, they should last a lifetime, and can be used in most environments, both inside and outside.

Pubs, Kennels, Catteries, Vets, Domestic properties, in fact anywhere.Where you have an area to heat, indoors or outdoor, Infra Red Heaters will do the job for you. If you have a problem with condensation, once again Infra Red Heaters, will also stop this problem, because the dont heat the air, just the fabric of the building.


An example of this is that one of our customers had a large metal cutting machine, with expensive software attached. Because the area was being heated by conventional means, this machine was dripping with condensation. We installed a commercial unit, and immediately solved this problem. The customer was very pleased with the operation of this unit, they are now considering using our heaters all over their factory and offices.


Although our wall mounted electric wall heaters can be hung on a wall using special brackets, they may also be hung from the ceiling, using chains. Both installations throw out radiant heat, which can be felt all around the room. The radiant heat will penetrate all items in the room, including the walls, and radiate it back into the room. Many situations require an outdoor heating source, and certain models  Infra Red Heaters can be safely used outside. Outside heaters are protected from rain and damp ingress, so you can use them quite safely.

Call us for further advice and a free no obligation quotation, or contact us at info@wallheaters.ie

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