Suspended Ceiling Infra Red Panel

We are delighted to now offer an infra Red Ceiling Panel, specifically designed to be fitted into Armstrong suspended ceilings.

The dimensions of these infra red panels are 590 x 590 x 25mm, with a weight of 4.4kgs, and we offer a no quibble 5 year warranty.

With these ceiling panels, it allows more wall and floor space for your staff, plus as all infra red heaters, it has a low running cost, as they are a mere 600 watts, with white glass appearance.

The surface temperature is up to 120c, and are particularly safe to use around elderly persons, for use in Care Homes. They can also be used over Counters, Offices or Meeting rooms.

They are designed for easy installations into suspended ceilings, with a nice white finish, that enhances their appearance.

They have an insulation layer, to ensure the heat is directed into the room, and not into the void above the panel.

The optimum mounting height is between 2 to 2.8 metres, that way you get the best feel of heat from them.

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