Steel sheds are a great idea for a small back garden or for a large workshop.

The problem arises that even if they are insulated, you could still have condensation problems.

These condensation problems do NOT occur with an Infra Red Heaters

Thats because our Infra Red Heaters, do NOT heat the air, but the very fabric of the building.

Therefore condensation cannot adhere to a warm surface.

We have customers whose sole aim was to reduce the nuisance of condensation on their walls, roof, and even on their expensive machinery. Even in a domestic situation where black mould is ever present in the winter, an infra red heater will cure this problem, once and for all.

If this is a problem for you as well, just give us a call, and we will guide you on which Infra Red Heater is best for you.

In addition to the above benefits, Infra Red Heating is the cheapest form of reliable heating available, and we have many different models that would suit your needs.

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