“Superb” Infrared Heater

These are the latest Infra Red Heaters to come onto the market, and we are proud to offer them, as outstanding examples of how to heat your premises, so cheaply and effectively.

There is no more reliable wall heaters / infra red heaters on the market, than our new Superb” Heater, which we guarantee for a full 5 years, no quibble guarantee.

Their efficiency is how they transmit heat, through safe, and reliable Long Infra Red Waves.

Our “Superb” Heaters, have a very modern look and design to them, which will enhance any given aspect.You may hard wire them, or just plug into any domestic wall socket, and affix a thermostat, which will make these heaters, much more energy efficient.There is no doubt that an infra red wall heater, is the most economical of wall heaters, or space heaters to run, and are simply the best heaters on the market, as there is never any maintenance, ever. Each Heater runs individually of each other, so instead of turning on your full central heating system, you can turn these infra red heaters on individually.

The exterior casing, is powder coated, and constructed from strong Aluminium.

These “Superb” Heaters, can be hung on the wall or from the ceiling, and so easy to install, that if you can hang a picture, you can install this ingenious Infra Red Heater.

The “Superb” heater has a wide angle heating panel, that transmits the heat evenly, and cheaply, to warm your home, garage, hall, studio, workshop, wherever you require heat.

There are 5 different sizes for all situations, and all run from a normal household 240v socket outlet.The Heater could also be used as an outside heaters, as it has some protection from the elements. Customers have found this to be the best heating product to use outside

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