Ceiling Mounted Far Infra Red Panels come in 500 watts 750 watts and 900 watts. As the photo shows, these infra red ceiling hung heaters, look very elegant and modern.

It is most important to talk to us to ascertain the correct Infra Red Panel for your needs.

If your panel is too small, the heating will be ineffective.

Nanocrystalinne is a slim element used in this panel, and does not corrode

It has a long life of some 30 years plus, and high efficiency heating

Once again there is no glow or emissions sent out, so dust is kept to a minimum.Very inexpensive to run, and will last 30 years or more, as there are no moving parts, or servicing ever required.

This panel comes with its own electrical plug, so its simple to hang and plug into a normal socket, or have your electrician hard wire them.

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