New in stock…a beautiful ceiling hung heater, with a ceramic base and chrome back. Very attractive model for any Home, Office, Gym, Yoga Hall , and anywhere else you require reliable, in expensive heat.

The mid-wave, industrial heater series is designed to heat the working premises. When you need to heat the working premises, such as workshops, carpentry. Infrared heaters cope with rooms that have medium or high heat loss. This model is hung (on chains) on the ceiling, at a height of 2.5 -4 meters from the floor.

This long-wave Infra Red heater is designed to heat the area when you need quick heat, such as workshops, Stables or Kennels, Smoking Areas. Outside seating areas. etc.etc.

Orders have been received from Farmers who wish to keep their animals warm, in their huge outside slatted sheds, no matter how cold and windy the inclement weather.

Protected against water splashes to IP20 Long wave infrared heaters can cope with the area having medium or high heat loss, because Infra Red Heaters do not heat the air, but the items near to it, then that heat is radiated back into the area. Animals are particularly comforted by this warm heat given of by infra red heaters.

. This model is hung (on chains) on the ceiling, at a height of 2.5..4.0 meters from the floor.

Power 2 kW

Volume 60 cubic metres / 40 square metres

Dimensions in mm 1522x150x44

Weight 6 kg

Colour grey / metallic

Installation Suspended on chains that are mounted on the ceiling.

Protection IP 20

Temperature 200-270 С

Housing Steel. 0.85mm-1mm.

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