Mirror Infra Red Wall Heater 

An ideal wall heater as an addition to your bathroom, hallway, reception area or lobby of a corporate building.

They may also be useful in dog grooming parlours, hot yoga studios, or hairdressers. 

A mirror infra red heater can safely be placed in a bathroom, and no condensation will form on the glass, because its heated.

A mirrored wall heater doesn’t heat the air, but the walls, it keeps the area free of mould, and the mould will not return.

Our very stylish Infra Red Wall Heater mirrors are frameless and anti-misting, which makes them perfect for bathrooms.

Also ideal for bedrooms and lounges (particularly over fireplaces), and are extremely popular.

You may only require to heat a spare room on occasions, so for a visiting guest, you can have the comfort of heating, plus the addition of a mirror , all in one unit.

 For those who suffer with allergies, our infrared heating panels do not create particle movements.

This means that pollen, dust and animal hairs are not constantly circulated and breathed in, which may cause discomfort.

Any model of our infra red heaters can be used as complete central heating system when purchased in multiple quantities.

Alternatively,  as single room heaters, as and when required.  The heaters give off almost instantaneous heat.

As everybody knows, fuel prices are on the rise, causing utility companies up and down the country to hike bills.

Therefore it has become more important than ever to ensure that your heating system is the most efficient possible.

These panels offer a fantastic solution. Our full range of infrared heating panels and control products are developed and manufactured in the EU under strict European quality standards, and are certified to national safety standards.

All our heaters are made from safety glass, and are run individually, and guaranteed for a full 5 years.