All heaters are in stock here in Ireland with free delivery anywhere in Ireland. New Models of beautiful large ceiling hung Infra Red Heaters. Ideal for restaurants, Pub smoking areas, Factories, Churches, Yoga Halls, Gymnasiums, and many many more premises, where you wish to have the cheapest reliable heating available. Please call us with any questions you may have, we will be pleased to direct you to the correct model for your needs. Description Specifications The mid-wave, industrial heater Teploceramic SWPRO series is designed to heat the technical, working premises. When you need to heat the working premises, such as – workshops, Yoga Halls, Outside smoking areas etc.etc. Medium wave infrared heaters cope with the room with medium heat loss. The higher your building is insulated, the better it will retain the heat. A thermostat is advised to be used with this unit. This model is hung (on chains) not supplied, and you will need to connect a cable, not supplied, to the heater and an electric plug, and hang from the ceiling, at a height of 2.5/3 meters from the floor. Power 2 kW Volume 60 cubic metre / 40 square metres Dimensions in mm 1522x150x44 Weight 6 kg Colour grey / metallic Installation Suspended on chains that are mounted on the ceiling. Protection IP 20 Temperature 200-270 С Housing Steel. 0.85mm-1mm.