Commercial Wall Heaters

Our commercial wall heaters, can be hung from a wall, using special brackets, or from the ceiling on chains.

These are the ideal way of heating larger areas, because of the very low running costs.

Garages, large workshops, yoga halls, stables, industrial building, work stations, indeed anywhere you need effective heat, with a low running cost.

The heat produced by Infra Red Heating goes exactly where you need it, unlike traditional heaters that heat the air, Infra Red Heaters, heat the objects they touch.

Within 5 minutes or less, the heat can be felt by the individual, and as its a gentle heat, with no convection, can be safely used in any dusty area.

The units come in various sizes, the 2000 watt one can be used with a normal domestic single phase 240v supply, and heats up to 40 square metres.

The 3000 watt unit will heat up to 60 Square Metres, but will require a 3 phase 415V supply, and the 4000 watt unit will heat up to 80 square metres, and will also require a 415 V, 3 phase supply.

For a free survey and quotation to ensure you get the correct heater for your premises, just email or call us, with no obligation.