The Cosy Curve Heater

The Cosy Curve is our newest light-weight, stand alone personal infrared heating panel. It offers a person individual heat, without having to heat the whole room. At only 300 watts, it is cheaper to run than switching on two light bulbs.

Easily accessible on/off switch – it will not burn you or your clothing, so it not a fire risk such as other small portable heating devices. It is especially good for the elderly, with exceptional health benefits (as will all infrared heating panels). It eases aches and pains, arthritis, rheumatism, skin and blood conditions, as well as heating you at the same time.

It is ideal for:-

  • Individual/personal heating for one person (rather than turning all the heating on)
  • Under desks in offices, for those who feel the cold more than others
  • Reception Areas – where doors are opening all the time
  • Care homes
  • Individual home use ie., sitting in front of the TV
  • Heating for pet use

Why would you want to heat a whole room, when its just yourself feeling cold? This is why the Infra Red Cosy Curve is absolutely ideal for heating the person, rather than the whole room.

When you use this Cosy Curve, or indeed any of our Infra Red Panels, that are at ground level, you will also notice that your cat or dog will also migrate towards it, because it will be beneficial to them as well.

Once again, we offer a no quibble 5 year guarantee with this and all our products