Infra Red Flat Panel Wall Heaters

InfraRed Heaters will heat up fast. They are ideal for all areas of your house or business.

They are great for older properties with poor insulation.

InfraRed Heaters heat the fabric of the room and they can be very effective in hard to heat rooms.

flat panel wall heater

They are also very efficient and can save up to 70% of your current heating costs.

The size of the unit depends on the capacity of the room you need to heat.

The output of an infrared heater is multiplied by 1.6, so you  get a lot more heat from a small heater.

As an example, a 1000 watt infrared heater is equivalent to 1600 watt of output.

Our units are much cheaper to run than ordinary Electric Wall Heaters.

Each unit is covered by a five year guarantee.

No moving parts, no emissions, no convection, so they do not blow dust and other irritants around the room.

The practical life of an infrared heater is surprisingly long,some 10,000 hours +

There is very little that can go wrong, as there are no moving parts, and no risk of overheating or any fire hazard.

flat panel wall heater

Built to the latest E.U. safety specifications for peace of mind.

InfraRed Wall Heaters can be hung on walls or ceilings in minutes, using special brackets , that are supplied with each panel.

If you can hang a picture, you can hang one of our heaters.

Just simply plug into the nearest electric socket.

No building work required, no technical knowledge – installation is simple.