Why Infrared Wall Heaters

Conventional heating systems rely on mechanical means for heating the air in a room, Infrared Wall Heaters do not. Our infrared wall heaters do not heat the air, but the very fabric of the room. Therefore this saves you money, because its not trying to heat the air in the whole room. Each Wall Heater is run independently of each other.

Humans also emit Infrared heat when we are warm, and absorb it when we get cold. Infra Red Heating has proven to be safe over many years. As with all our room heaters, they do not send out any emissions, or convection, so no dust particles are blown around.


Commercial Infrared Heaters

Until recently, Infra red wall heaters, were only available to heat small areas, such as bathrooms or lounges, but now we have wall heaters so advanced, they can heat larger areas.

These can be used in steel sheds, workshops, yoga halls, sports halls , gymnasiums, garages. etc etc.

Running on single phase electricity, and even 3 phase electricity for the larger units.

Running costs for a Infra Red Wall Heater, is exceptionally low, when fitted with a room thermostat, and is the main reason bigger warehouses are changing over to this system.

Never any maintenance, emissions or convections, it makes sense to take a look at these heaters, before updating or installing new equipment.

Finished in a pleasant anodised finish, they may be hung from a ceiling or attached to the wall of any structure.


Mirrored wall heaters

In an areas, such as a bathrooms, Where there is high humidity. A mirrored infrared wall heater is most desirable. The mirror does not mist up,because of the infrared heat that is emitted.

With absolutely no maintenance costs, a flat panel wall heater, is the ideal way to heat a room. It is hung on the wall, and just plugged into an electrical socket. Gentle heat is emitted to heat the fabric of the room, and not the air.

This is one of the reasons infrared heating, is so efficient, and all our heaters are totally maintenance free.


Curved infrared heaters

The elderly and young children are susceptible to temperature change, and for an individual infra red heater, we have curved infrared heaters .This is a unit for personal use, and runs on the equivalent of 2 light bulbs, so like all our heaters, they are extremely cheap to run. These just stand on the floor and you just switch them on. There is no risk of getting burnt or scalded with these units, that’s why they are so unique for the elderly or young children.



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